Is there anything nice about a page without styling? A page where I provide the content, and you could view it as you please? Unfortunately, the browser standard styling sheet is pretty bad, and I don't think this will change anytime soon. So the answer is no. Not really.

My name is Tomas Fagerbekk, and you can reach me at tomas@webutvikling.org

During my time at NTNU, I made some quizes/flashcards to help me study: I also made a site for an interest group making beer: But most of the time was spent on applications that require login: Or on the startup: I liked Django and used Heroku, so I created this bootstrapping script: My master thesis was about physical boardgames, with custom bluetooth pieces that was used together with a Javascript library, named AnyboardJS: Now, I'm working full time, and mostly taking notes of what I learn: I also have a small hobby project where I split chores between people in the household: Contact me if you've got a project you think I might be interested in, or I can help you out somehow :)